More Family report updates

During the last six months we have received a lot of new updates from family members in  the US and Canada. The first came from Kristi Anderson who lives in Edmonton AB. She has reported on Lars Stabel Lillejord’s eldest daughter, Lorense. She lived in Norway and had her family there. However, her husband died and all the family left Norway and joined Lorense’s parents and siblings in Canada. Here she remarried and had three more children, among them Kristi’s grandfather. On the photo we see Lorense’s grandchildren David and Ireene, flanking the great great grandchildren Jenna and Kyrie-Lynn.

The next contribution came from Karlyn Ramsay. She lives in Plymouth MA and is a great great granddaughter of Martine Lillejord, the youngest of Hans and Margrete Lillejord’s children. She is eager to visit Norway and see people and places there.

The last contribution came from Jordan Michael Beriault. He is of the Peder Johan line and has given information on Peder’s daughter Lillie Othilda’s descendents (The Lund’s).

Thank you all three for bringing the Family report forward. You’ll find the Report here



Hanna Pauline



 New updates

The Report has once more been modified and extended. The last extension is a result of information from Hege Anita Andreassen and Christel Skavhaug on the Hanna Pauline and the Sakri-Olai line, both on the Norwegian part of the family.




sakri olai-1Hege has reported on the family of the eldest grandchild of Hans Petter and Målfrid, Kristianna Fredriksdatter,  b: 1861. She was married at Savjord in Beiarn, where Hege was born.

Christel has reported on the family of Anna Sakariasdatter, who moved to the Saltstraumen area near the city of Bodø. By the way; Saltstraumen is the world’s strongest tidal current.





 Alice Lillejord (3)New updates

The report has now been modified and extended from 51 to 52 pages. The last extension is a result of information from Tina Mallory on the Lars Stabel line, more exactly Alice Lillejord/Earl Colbow’s family.

The photo shows Earl and Alice in 1963, attending their daughter Diana’s marriage. Submittet by Tina Mallory. Thank you so much, Tina.

Latest! Debbie Booth & Katherina Luneng have supported the web with some updates on the Luneng Family. Thank you!



During a vist of Norwegian family members in Lillejord areas of Minnesota, more descendants of Hans Martinus were detected, especially the Forkrud family in the Sacred Heart area.


Audrey Forkrud, wife of                                            Chad (left) and Darrel Forkrud (right)                Donald Kenneth Forkrud                                           met with Norwegian cousins.

Spring 2013 a descendant of Lars Stabel’s eldest daughter, John Einan, visited Beiarn. He has delivered new information on the Einan family. John didn’t know that Einan was the name of Lars Stabel’s homestead in Norway. He was rather surprised to meet people living at Einan today, bearing the same surname as himself.

John Einan




John Einan (left), Viggo and Ruth Einan at Einan in Beiarn, Norway

We have also received small deliveries of family information from many other branches of the Lillejord people. In total more than 5 pages.

There might still be some errors in the list, and a lot of missing information. If you find information in this list that you definitely know is wrong, or at least are pretty sure that it is, please inform us by e-mail and we’ll check out the information. When we have adequate proof to concider the information truthworthy, we’ll correct the report.

We are trying to present the best and most complete report at the Reunion and are asking for your assistance.

Thank you for your contribution


12 Responses to “Lillejord Family Report”

  1. Roger Lillejord Says:

    Hi, What a well spring of information! i do have some corrections/additions. On page 29, Peter and Elsie’s sons are list with their moms maiden name, Crosby. Peter and Elsie are my grandparents. Their sons names are: Jack Parnell Lillejord, born 1932. Renny Lee Elseworth Lillejord, born Nov 18, 1936 in North Dakota (My father). Donald Rae (Butch) Lillejord, born 1940. Jack’s wife ame is Jane and they have three kids. I will have to get back to you with the name of his oldest. Jack,s second son is Chris L. and youngest/only daughter’s name is Shannon L.. Renny married Mary Lou Stewart (my parents) and they had four children. Ron L.,born 1959; Roger L., born 1960; Penny L., born 1963; and Mary Lea L., born 1966. Don married Sharon and they had three kids. Lisa L., Lori L., and Mike L..
    Keep in touch, Roger

  2. Terry Benson Says:


    My name is Terry Benson. I am the wife of Ross Leonard Benson (Ross is a direct descendant of Hans P Lillejord through Lars Stabel line)

    My husband’s Grandfather is Kristian Dreier Lillejord (Saskatchewan branch)

    Your site is very informative and interesting.

    I do genealogy as a hobby and know that information must be as accurate as possible for future generations.

    I tried to make corrections through the email address on the descendant report page, but the email did not got through

    I have corrections and additions to page 25 of the Lillejord family report. This correction applies to Ross Benson’s (my husband’s) family.

    1. My birth date (Terry Gail Hennie) is Oct 28, 1953 – not Oct 23 as stated

    2. Our daughter’s name is Blair Adrienne – not Blair Gail

    3. Our daughter has a daughter, Chanel Lise Butt b. July 13, 2000
    and a son, Tripp Ross Allan Butt b. Sept 14, 2006
    Our daughter married Layne Carroll Butt (b Aug 22 1979) on July 7, 2007

    We are hopeful that we will be able to attend the 2010 reunion in Beiarn, but are unable to confirm as yet due to unknown work schedules.

    Congratulations on a wonderful web site and best wishes for a successful reunion!


    Terry Benson

    1. ingestrand Says:

      Thank you for your greetings, and for the corrections and addings. They will be carried out as soon as possible.

      See you in Beiarn next summer!

      Kind regards
      Inge Strand

  3. Mervyn Nelson Says:

    Here is some additional information about Hans’ daughter Marthine Lillejord.

    Marthine taught school and homesteaded land before she married Gust Nelson. Gust also homesteaded in the area. They lived northeast of Sisseton, South Dakota. They had the following children:

    1. Harriet married Julius Jacobson and they had two children – Helen and Kenneth. Harriet passed away in 1932 at the age of 38 years.

    2. Edwin married Julia Berge and they lived many years in Fargo, North Dakota. They had the following children – Robert, Carol, Gale, Janie, and Joan. Ed died in 1972 in St Paul, Minnesota at age 72 years.

    3. Russell ran away from home at an early age and was never heard from again until his death in Sacramento, California in 1962 at the age of 60 years.

    4. Gustie was born in 1904 and died in 1906.

    5. Helen was born in 1915 and died in 1916. She and Gustie are both buried in the Concordia Emmanuel Cemetery northeast of Sisseton, South Dakota.

    6. Ethel became a registered nurse. She married Cowdery and had one child Jeff. She divorced and married Eddie Lohre. They lived in Sisseton, South Dakota and then Kingston, Washington. They had two children – Suzanne and Donnie.

    7. Gustave married Madeline Barker and they lived northeast of Sisseton, South Dakota. Madeline died in 1989 at the age of 79 years. Gustave died in 1998 at the age of 91 years. They both are buried in the Sisseton cemetery. They had the following children:

    a. Gordon married Emojean Johnson and they had six children – Stephen, Bradley, Marita, Brian, Michelle, and Marcia. Stephen died in 1954 shortly after birth from a heart defect. Gordon died in 2006 at the age of 75 years. He is buried in Hendricks, Minnesota.

    b. Mervyn married Phyllis Sanden. They now live in Surprise, Arizona. They had three children – Kathryn, Karen, and David. Merv and Phyllis have been married 58 years and have five great grandchildren.

    c. Muriel married Gary Benidt and they had five children – Gregory, Nancy, Connie, Patricia, and Dale. Muriel lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

    d. Gloria married James Johnson and they had four children – Michael, Paul, Elizabeth and Sonja. Gloria lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

    When Marthine got married her brother Elling Lillejord gave her a parlor set. It consisted of a settee. three chairs and a platform rocker. It had black leather seats and backs. The wood was dark mahogany with lion heads and at the end of the legs, claw feet. We are proud to say that the set has remained in the family. Marthine gave it to her son Gustave, Gustave gave it to his son Mervyn, and Mervyn gave it to his daughter Karen who has it in her parlor in Hillsboro, Oregon!!

  4. Mervyn Nelson Says:

    One more comment:

    Marthine Lillejord Nelson died in 1956 at the age of 83 years. Her husband Gust died in 1952 at the age of 80 years. Both are buried in the Concordia Emmanuel Cemetery northeast of Sisseton, South Dakota.

  5. Mervyn Nelson Says:

    Some of the dates you requested-

    The following dates are from cemetery headstones:

    Marthine Lillejord Nelson 1873-1956
    (Check pg 31 in Lillejord Reunion)
    Gustav “Gust” Nelson 1872-1951
    (Check comment above & p 43 in Reunion)
    Harriett Nelson 1896-1934
    Gustie Nelson (unable to read dates)
    Helen Nelson 1915-1916

    The following are dates from our family history book:

    Marthine Lillejord/Gust Nelson married 1895
    Their children:
    Harriet Nelson 1896-1934
    Edwin Nelson 1899-1972
    Russell Nelson 1902-1962
    Gustie Nelson 1904-1906
    Gustave “Happy” Nelson 1907-1989
    Ethel Nelson Lohre 1911-2005
    Helen Nelson 1915-1916

    Edwin had the following children:
    (comment above corrected)
    Donald, Robert, Lorraine, Carol, Gale, Janice, Joan.

    Gustave “Happy” Nelson 1907-1998 m.1928
    Madeline Barker 1910-1989

    Their children:
    1. Gordon 1929-2006; Son Stephen 1954-1954
    Gordon married Emojean Johnson 1951
    (See children in above comments)
    2. Mervyn 1932-, Son David 1958-2002
    Mervyn married 1952 Phyllis Sanden
    (See children in comments above)
    3. Muriel 1936-
    Muriel m.1955 Gary Benidt (div)
    (See children in comments above)
    4. Gloria 1938-
    Gloria m 1956 James Johnson 1935-2000
    2nd m, 2002 Leo Plut 1934-2007

    Hopefully now these are all correct!!

  6. Kenneth Malcolm Lillejord Says:

    Great reading, I have some additional info about my family. Please contact me

  7. Kenneth Lillejord Says:

    contact me for more info

  8. Inez Marie Lillejord Says:

    I have a number of corrections on the Elling and Ella Lillejord Family on the current page 38-39. I spoke with Howard Lillejord’s daughter Terry and she went over the dates for her immediate family with me. I am Gregg’s wife and I know the dates for my family. Terry read from Elling and Ella’s marriage certificate, so I am certain that is the proper date.

    2. Elling and Ella Lillejord
    m: 1 Feb 1910 Minneapolis, Minnesota
    3. Howard Lillejord
    b:5 Aug 1923 Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    d: Baldwin (not Baldwin Lake) MI
    + Delphine Collison
    b: 30 Nov 1923
    m: 28 Dec 1946 Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    4. Terry Jo Lillejord
    b: 17 Apr 1951 Minneapolis, Minnesota
    + Neal Oscarson b: 21(not 22)Aug 1948
    in Wadena, Minnesota
    m: 11 June 1974 Minneapolis, MN
    5. Mark Howard Oscarson
    b: 27 Oct 1980 Fergus Falls, MN
    5. Lindsey Ellen Oscarson
    b: 20 Aug 1982 Fergus Falls, MN
    + Christopher Clark
    m: 19 Nov 2007
    6. Tally Delphine Clark
    b: 12 Sept 2008 Fargo, ND
    6. Valerie Eva Clark
    b: 18 Jan 2011 Fargo, ND
    4. Gregg Howard Lillejord
    b: 15 Mar 1955 Minneapolis, Minnesota
    + Inez Marie Winter (not Winters)
    b: 22 Dec 1953 Fort Riley, Kansas
    m: 3 June 1978 Bemidji, Minnesota
    5. Erik Christian Georg Lillejord
    b: 3 May 1983 Duluth, Minnesota
    + Jesse Ray West
    b: 3 Jan 1984
    m: 9 Oct 2010 Lutsen, Minnesota
    5. Cyri Alexandra Marie Lillejord
    b: 22 Nov 1986 Duluth, Minnesota
    + Jeremy Lloyd Wiggins
    b: 22 Dec 1980
    m: 12 July 2008 Duluth, Minnesota
    and both took name Lillejord-Wiggins
    6. Victor Zachary Lillejord-Wiggins
    b: 1 Mar 2007 Duluth, Minnesota
    5. Tyra Anastasia Marie Lillejord
    b: 12 Mar 1991 Duluth, Minnesota

    I am certain of all of these dates and birthplaces as they regard our immediate family. Thank you for all of the work you have done. We enjoy the site.

    Inez Marie Lillejord

    1. ingestrand Says:

      Hello Inez Marie
      Thank you for all the information on the Elling and Ella family, and for your response. Nice that you like the site. The most important work is done by people like you who contribute information to this page. We just publish it …
      Have a nice springtime!
      Best regards

  9. I am interested in finding some information about Robert Sidney Lorn Lillejord ,Canadian who served in the Canadian Army and was stationed at Brant ford Ont ,for training in 1942-43 ,I believe that he was a Pow for a time ,Reason for this inquiry, We my be related by Blood.
    I would be thankful for any Information.I can be contacted at ewelch1@cogeco.ca or edwrwelch@hotmail.com
    Sn ale mail Edward Welch 3561 King Street Windsor Ontario. N9C1p4

  10. Karlyn Ramsay Says:

    Hi, My name is Karlyn Ramsay(Hill). I’m the granddaughter of Carol Hill(Nelson), great granddaughter of Edwin and Julia(Berg) Nelson, great great granddaughter of Marthine Lillejord andGust Nelson. I’m sorry to hear I missed the reunion, please add me to the list as I would love to attend the next reunion! I live in Plymouth, MA with my husband and daughter. Thank you so much.

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