Beiarn is a small municipality located just north of the Arctic Circle, in Nordland county, Norway (see map at Wikipedia). Approximately 1.150 inhabitants populate an area of 1.225  square kilometeres (471.8 sq mi), mostly consisting of mountains, mire and forrests climbing the steep valleys. Thus, only a parts are inhabitable, but the people of Beiarn have settled down wherever it has been possible.

Due to the river Beiarelva,  it has been possible to clear farms deep in the valleys, and do the transportation on the river. Today, many such farms have been abandoned, and the river is one of Beiarn’s main tourist attractions: After the treatment of gyrodactylus salaris, it has become the best salmon river in Nordland. Other things to see include the magnificent nature, caving, the newly constructed stavkirke on Savjord and Beiarn Folk Museum.

Inge Strand enjoys the scenery from Tverådalen

Inge Strand enjoys the scenery from Tverrådalen. (Photo: Martin Strand)

If you plan to go shopping in Beiarn, you’re out of luck—at least in the traditional sense. You should rather pay a visit to Laftehytta, where you can buy a wide range of original handmade art and craft from Beiarn. You can also buy traditional food there.

If you want to read more, check Wikipedia and the official information from Beiarn municipality. Do you miss anything? Leave a reply in the form below, and we’ll answer your wishes!


2 Responses to “Beiarn”

  1. Inge Strand,

    I have a summary or family tree written about Peder johan Lillejord but how do I forward it to you?

    Thank you
    Dorothy Onstott

  2. Ingeborg (Inge) Leavell Says:

    Hi Inge Strand! Thank you very much for leading me to the information on the reunion in 2010. My grandmother, Ingeborg, was from this area. I have much information to share and would love to attend this just to be in the beautiful country that my grandmother wrote and talked about so much…I will continue to be in touch!…Ingeborg

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