During the last six months we have received a lot of new updates from family members in  the US and Canada. The first came from Kristi Anderson who lives in Edmonton AB. She has reported on Lars Stabel Lillejord’s eldest daughter, Lorense. She lived in Norway and had her family there. However, her husband died and all the family left Norway and joined Lorense’s parents and siblings in Canada. Here she remarried and had three more children, among them Kristi’s grandfather. On the photo we see Lorense’s grandchildren David and Ireene, flanking the great great grandchildren Jenna and Kyrie-Lynn.

The next contribution came from Karlyn Ramsay. She lives in Plymouth MA and is a great great granddaughter of Martine Lillejord, the youngest of Hans and Margrete Lillejord’s children. She is eager to visit Norway and see people and places there.

The last contribution came from Jordan Michael Beriault. He is of the Peder Johan line and has given information on Peder’s daughter Lillie Othilda’s descendents (The Lund’s).

Thank you all three for bringing the Family report forward. You’ll find the Report here.