Sadly, the grand old lady of the Lillejord family, Thora Ernstsen, passed away January 12, at the age of 100 years. She celebrated her last birthday on December 23 in good shape; she seemed satisfied at reaching the age of 100 years.

We remember Thora, as the magnificent woman, that participated at the Lillejord Descendant Reunion in 2010. She appeared with a charming, natural charisma and had a kind word to everyone. She had fun during the reunion and expressed pleasure, meeting so many relatives.

Thora was the granddaughter of Elisabet Anna, and the great granddaughter of Hans Petter and Målfrid. She lived most of her life at Pettermoen, a small mountain farm in Saltdal, as a farmer’s wife and a mother of 5.  She lost her husband in 1972 and lived almost 40 years as a widow.

The last few years she lived at the nursing home in Saltdal.

A memorial service was held on January 19 at Ovre Saltdal church. Burial followed at the nearby cemetery.

We will remember Thora with reverence. Peace be with her memory.