9 months after the Lillejord Reunion this website is still visited by 20 people each day in average, and we still get some new information on the family. To the reunion we had no contact with the Hans Martinus branch of the family, and we had just some tentative contact with a descendant of Olea Melia. We haven’t known more than the names of her children, and none of them were to be found on “White pages” – not surprisingly since the youngest was born i 1907.

Last week an obituary of Helen, Olea Melia’s youngest daughter, showed up. She died in 2006, 98 years old. As usual the obituary gave information on the family, among them her son Michael Rusten. We called him and met a 73 year old gentleman who was glad to get information on his grandmother’s family. He informed us about his own family and promised to contribute with more family information. So in a few days we will probably know more about Olea Melia’s family.