The family reunion committee has met for the last time. All tasks have been completed and the accounting is almost done. The impression of the reunion and the many feedbacks we have received indicate that the reunion was a success. We thank all who contributed with the preparations and accomplishment of the reunion; without your hard work the reunion would not have been as successful as it was.

We also thank all the participants that came from near and far and contributed to a festive weekend; considerably extending our friendship base.

The statement of account shows a surplus of about 30,000 NOK. This means that we can finance the video project with this budget, as well as contribute economically to the final placement of the memorial stone for the people who emigrated from Beiarn.

The DVD project has been changed as follows: We don’t need to ask for money for the video production and not send a DVD disc to the ones who have ordered; instead, the video will be available to all on our web site, Please look at the top menu, The Reunion Video. There you can download the video from YouTube. We are working on an arrangement where you can download the video to your own DVD disc.

This web site will continue to be open, but understandable there will be few updates in the future. Of course, we will still accept new information regarding our family tree and new and important information about the Lillejord family.

Thank you.