The reunion is soon here.  We are working on the last details and are looking forward to welcome you on Saturday, June 26th.

At the moment we are 295 participants.

Most participants from Canada and the US are going to stay at Beiarn Turistsenter (Beiarn Tourist Center). Those of you who are not have been advised. You’ll find information on the place here:

Encloced you will find a driving description from the airport in Bodoe to the Tourist Center. A corresponding map can also be found here:

The venue for The Lillejord Descedents Reunion will be at the Trones Hall which is close to the Tourist Center. The reunion starts at 11.00 am with registration and lunch.

The complete Reunion Program is enclosed

We are planning a bus tour to Hans Petter Olsen Lillejord’s homestead. There are no buildings left, but the ruins are visible, and you will get a good impression of the landscape. You will be guided during the trip, and there will be some refreshments. The duration of the tour will be approximate 2 hours. There will be a 200 yds walk from the bus stop to the homestead. Please let us know if you want to join the tour.

In the evening there will be a barbecue. The venue is a bit limited for such a big crowd of people, and we plan also to have tables outside in party tents, so we can enjoy the meal and the light nordic summer night.

We therefore recommend nice casual clothing and comfortable shoes.

The day temperature in Beiarn is abt. 70 F or lower at this time of the season, but in the evening it might fall to 50 F. We have of course ordered nice warm weather, but no guarantee..

We will make a nice label for each participant at the reunion. We enclose the participant list and ask you kindly to check the spelling of your names and report possible corrections before June 5.

At the conclusion of the reunion Sunday afternoon we will sing a Norwegian song together. It is a hymn to the north Norway, and you can listen to it here, and, hopefully, learn it. You’ll find the text here.

If you need complementary information, such as activities in Beiarn, in addition to the reunion, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail.