This picture, tells Odd Strand has a special story. In my youth I heard much about ‘Hanna-besta’ (Hanna-granny), but there was no photos of her so I couldn’t imagine how she looked like. Later, one winter I was staying as a fisherman in Værøy, Lofoten, I visited some reletives, and was aware of a photo of an elder woman, which had been played with by the children. It was partly torn and written on with pencils.

It is our grandmother from Beiarn, they said. And there she was, Hanna-besta, a bit fixed up, but possible to get an impression of. I could borrow the photo and brought it to a photographer who cleaned it, and here it is.

As far as we know, this is the only picture of Hanna Pauline.

Hanna Pauline was born in 1837 at Lillejord. She married Fredrik Olsen at Os. The Os farm was part of the “old valley” and had been in Fredrik’s family in many generations.

Hanna came to a farm with more traditions than she was used to. Hanna and Fredrik had 9 children and 8 grew up. Most of them settled in Beiarn, but 3 left Beiarn. One son became an officer, one daughter, Dortea (on the photo to the left), moved to Oslo where she became a housekeeper in the Freemasonry, and one daughter became a fisherman’s wife in Lofoten.

The oldest son, Hans Petter, took over the family farm at Os.

Another son, Karl Meyer, moved to the neigboring farm, Strand, where he became the nearest neighbor to his cousin Margrete, aunt Dortea’s daughter.

Karl Meyer Fredriksen with his family. Karl is standing to the right, and Dortea, his wife, is sitting in front. Photos from Odd Strand.

Hanna had a long life and died in 1921, 84 years old.