Sakri-Olai as a young man. The photo is taken by his uncle Ole Tobias Olsen, who was an early photographer in Norway

When Hans Petter Olsen broke up from his homestead at Lillejord and emigrated from Norway, he ran two small farms. He owned the farm Lillejord, and he leased the farm Laukslett. His eldest son, Sakarias, took over the leasehold of Laukslett, which was the best farm of the two.

Sakarias, or Sakri-Olai, married Elen Pettersdtr. from Saltdal. She was also a child of emigrants from Dunderlandsdalen, and her and Sakri-Olai’s parents knew each other well. They even were co-passangers on the ship to America.

Elen’s brother, Johan Petter, also came to Beiarn and took over the Lillejord farm. Therefore people named Lillejord in Beiarn are not related with the Lillejord family in Canada and the US.

Sakri-Olai and Elen as elder people. Photo from Aud Johansen.

Sakri-Olai and Elen had “just” four children, and two of them, Maalfrid and Hans Petter (named after their grandparents) ran the farm further after is was divided into two parts.

Maalfrid and Hans Petter had a lot of children and most inhabitants in the area today are descendents after them. Some of them are named Laukslett, other Hammer, Nyrud, Solli or Heggmo.

Maalfrid Sakariasdtr. and her husband Johan Johansen. They succeded Sakri-Olai and Elen on their farm, see below (photos: Fotoarkivet)

Hans Petter, or Svali-Hans, as he was called, married Hanna Bredesdtr. from Saltdal, the same township as his mother came from.

Hans Petter on the photo to the left. Hanna Bredesdtr. is standing to the left on the picture above. Do anybody know the rest? Photos from André Kristoffersen.

Sakri-Olai’s farm has been divided a lot of times into smaller farms. Heggmo is one of them. Photo: Martin Strand

Sakri-Olai’s younger brother Ole Heitman died from cholera and pneumonia during the journey to Minnesota. He seems to be a kind of legend and many of his nephews were named after him.

Svali-Hans’ son Ole Heitman b:1901 is an example. Photo from André Kristoffersen.