Dortea Oline was the next oldest daughter of Hans Petter Olsen, born in 1841. She married Ingebrigt Andersen who lived at Strand, a farm abt. 20 miles down the Beiarn valley from Lillejord. Ingebrigt’s father, Anders Jensen, also was an immigrant from the neighbouring valley, Dunderlandsdalen. We have no photos of Dortea or Ingebrigt, but a drawing of Ingebrigt, made of Olaf Blomeli who later emigrated from Norway and became a pastor in the US and Canada.

Dortea and Ingebrigt had 10 children, where 7 grew up. 4 of them, Dina, Anders, Hanna and Otto, emigrated from Beiarn, at first to the US and later to Canada. We have earlier met Otto in a photo from cousin Hanna Kleven’s 80th birthday in Rose Valley, Saskatchevan.

Three daughters stayed in Norway. Albertine, the eldest, married Peder Angel Hansen Øynes, and settled at her husband’s farm along the Beiarn fjord. Albertine and Peder had 7 children of whom 6 grew up.

Peder died by blood poison- ing in 1920, 63 years old. He was mending his shoes and happened to put the needle in his finger. The wound became infected, and the doctor came too late. Albertine lived long. She died in 1948, 84 years old. Her grandchild Solveig Johansen remembers her as a strong, but also a warm an tender woman who managed to keep the family together after her husband’s death.

The photo shows Albertine and Peder as bride and groom.

Margrete, the next eldest, married Nikolai Larsen Osbakk from a neighbouring farm, and they took over the homestead at Strand. They had 6 children.

Nikolai and Margrete

The youngest, Inger Dina, often called Inga, married Ole Berg and settled in Bodoe, the nearest town. Here she established a guest house which became the usual place for people from Beiarn to stay, visiting town. Inga and Ole had 5 children, and most descendents are still living in Bodoe

Inga with her sons and daughters. First row: Gunvor, Inga and Solveig. Back row: Arthur, Olaf and Erling.

Inga and her grandson Tore at the family cottage near the Soloy lake outside Bodø. The photo is from 1956 or 1957, and lended us by Tore Schjem.

Two of the siblings who emigrated were married “over there” and got a lot of children. Hanna was married to Mons Hesjedal, a widower from the county of Hordaland, Norway, and they settled near Bengough, Saskatchevan, Canada.

Mons and Hanna had 8 children. They are all in the photo together with Sigurd, Hanna’s son from Norway. The photo is taken about 1925 in front of the house on their homestead near Bengough, Sask., Canada.

Back row: Ingvald, Harry, Carl and Sigurd. Next row: Clara, Mons, Hanna, Myrtle, Ethel.
Front: Reuben & Russel (twins)

The photo is kindly delivered by Mr. Eric Ray, who is running the web site  Leraas Family Homepage, which is including the Hesjedal family.

The farm house at the Hesjedal farm south of Bengough.

The Hesjedals have been quick to visit family in Norway since the 1970s, and there are still strong ties between cousins on both sides of the Atlantic.

The family has forstered a great sportsman, the Canadian Olympian and professional cyclist, Ryder Hesjedal. In Norway we know him best from his great efforts in Tour de France.

Hanna’s younger brother Otto came to South Dakota in 1903. Here he met Tilda Johansdtr. They moved to the area of Bengough where a lot of relatives already lived. Later they moved further north to Rose Valley. Otto and Tilda married in 1909, and within 23 years they had 10 children.

The family of Tilda and Otto.  From left to right: Standing:  Ellen, Julius, Hilda Margrete, Otto jr., Josie, Delmer, Gladys.  Sitting: Albert, Otto sr., Tilda, Harriet and Addie.

Glenda Craigie, daughter of Gladys, has helped us with the names.