Debbie Booth writes:

– I am a direct descendent of Hans P. Lillejord through the Lars Stabel Line. I hope the information on Hanna and Wilhelm Kleven will update your information. Hanna Otelie was the third child of Lars Stabel and Maren Lillejord. Hanna was my great-grandma! Her daughter Esther Luneng was my grandmother and her son Einar Luneng was my father.

We thank Debbie for pictures and text. Some of the new family information we have put into the Family Report. The pictures and some text we publish here.

The Family of Hanna Otelie and Wilhelm Kleven

Hanna Otelie Larsdtr. was born April 10, 1878 in Beiarn. While working as a cook at the judge of Alstahaug in Nordland, Norway, she met Wilhelm Heitman Johannesen.  They were married on May 19, 1902. They settled at his father’s farm and got three children while living there: Esther, Jenny and Victor. In 1910 they made up their minds to join Hanna’s parents and siblings in Canada, and they left for Canada August 10, 1910. Arriving Canada they changed the surname to Kleven, the name of Wilhelm’s home place. They homesteaded in the MacVille district, where their family of six grew up. The homestead was 12 miles south of Bengough. During those years many violent wind and electrical storms and cyclones occured throughout the hot summer season. On the open prairie one could see a storm approaching miles away.

Hanna and Wilhelm built a storm shelter for protection in the side of a hill not far from their house.

Wilhelm died February 9, 1943. Hanna bought a house and lived in Bengough. She also lived a year or so with Esther and David (daughter&son in law) at Rose Valley. She died August 11, 1968 at the age of 90. They are both buried in the Zion Lutheran cemetery south of Bengough.

Hanna and Wilhelm’s oldest daughter Esther was born in Alstahaug, Norway. She was born January 31, 1903. Esther married David Luneng on July 8, 1923. They lived on David’s homestead near Coronach, Saskatchevan. In 1924 they sold the homestead and bought a farm at Hitchcock, a little closer to town. On this farm grain crops were good for 3 or 4 years. Then came crop failures, the drought that was felt across the southern Saskatchevan prairies was terrible. Nothing grew and cattle were starving, along with the people that depended on their farm. Also there were grasshoppers and hail storms that ruined the crops year after year. A cyclone destroyed David’s barn. Like many of the other people David and Esther and their family decided to  leave the prairies and move north, where there were many trees and green grass to feed the cattle.

They arrived at Rose Valley approximately 400 km north in July 1934. They bought their third farm and started all over again. David built a small saw mill and over time he built a bigger two-storey house and a barn on the Luneng Farm. Esther and David spent the rest of their lives on the farm. David died March 31, 1974 and Esther spent her last years with her youngest son, Ludwig ‘Lou’, on the family farm. After Esther’s passing February 10, 1982, Lou owns the Luneng farm and lives there.

Esther and David’s second eldest son, Einar, was born December 7, 1925. He married Alice Sather, born December 7, 1934. They had a daughter, Debbie, born April 7, 1955, and the supplier of all this information. She has a brother Darrell, born October 19, 1958. Debbie married Doug Booth on Norway’s National Day, May 17, 1980.

Alice and Einar celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary before Einar’s passing away on July 15, 2004.

Pictures of the Kleven/Luneng family (Descendents after Hanna & Wilhelm Kleven)

Hanna Kleven’s 80th birthday April 10, 1958.

From left: Otto Strand (cousin from Beiarn), Bill Bonner, Agnes Kleven, Esther Luneng, Lily Kleven, Alice Luneng, David Luneng, Debbie Luneng, Emil Kleven, Tilda Strand, Hanna Kleven, Annie Kleven, Shirley Kleven, Victor Kleven, Katherine Kleven, Anne Bonner (Hanna’s sister)

Below: The marriage of Esther and David Luneng July 8, 1923.

David and Esther Luneng with children. From left: Ludvig ‘Lou’, David jr., Johnny, Einar, Hjalmar, David sr., Esther and Hulda.

Below: The Luneng family some years later.

Debbie and Doug’s wedding picture May 17, 1980. In front: Einar, Debbie and Alice. Back: Doug, the groom, and Darrell, Debbie’s brother.

Some information of Hanna’s siblings:

1: Lorense Marie: A widow with two children when she came to Canada. Later she married Pete Andersson and they lived north of Buffalo Gap, Saskachevan township 2, range 25.

2: Elen Petronelle: 1876-1901

4: Hans Petter Lillejord & Hannah Hals: 16 children were born, they raised a family of 11. Helmer was the oldest and he and his wife Connie farmed at Hendon, Saskatchevan, Canada. No children. Other children were: Mary, Edwin, Leonard, Helen, Melvin, Carl, Mabel, Albert, Bennie and Hans. Hans & Hannah farmed at Sisseton, South Dakota, and was also in the butcher business in South Dakota. They sold their interests in 1912 and went to Khedive, Saskatchevan, Canada. But there was no land to be had to homestead, where his father Lars and three brothers had already settled. Hans and Hannah located and settled ten miles south-west of Bengough. Some of the children had already married when Hans bought the land. He built their home very near Garville school and here stent their remaining years. Son Albert took over the farm February 1957.

Mrs. Lillejord went for a trip to Winipeg with son Bud, daugter Mabel and her two sons Douglas (5 yrs) and Randy (14 mnts). On their return trip home they were hit by a train at Hargreaves, Manitoba. Mrs Lillejord, Bud and Doug were killed instantly. Mabel passed away two days later. Randy, the only survivor, had two broken legs. This took place on the Lillejords 49th Wedding Anniversary, February 20, 1957.

Hans Petter, born March 13 / 1880, died 1960, married Hannah Hals February 20 /1908 at Sisseton, South Dakota, USA.

5: Anna Julie Lillejord: Married William (Bill) Bonner. They were farmers and ranchers near Bengough. Also known as horse trader. They are buried at Bengough cemetery. No children. Anna Julie born December 30, 1881. Died September 6, 1959.

6: Olav Pareli Lillejord: Married Mabel Olson, 9 children, Gustave, Hattie, Lillie, Melvin, Alice, Alan, Mandy, Alfred and Ernie. Came to Khedive 1906 from the US with his father Lars and two brothers. They obtained homesteads. Married and made their homes there.

7: Berntine Amanda Lillejord. Born February 8 / 1886. Married Charles Walker. Lived in the USA. 10 children. Died October 1, 1963.

8: Lars Kristian Lillejord: Born November 12, 1887. He lived with his parents and two brothers. Obtained a homestead at Khedive in 1906. Lars was fatally burned a few days before he was to be married in 1919. Died March 22, 1919.

9: Kristian Dreier Lillejord: Born March 14, 1890. Married Hattie Olson, b: 1898, d: 1919.

Kristian married Dagny Olsson 1922. They had 7 children, 6 grew up. Homesteaded at Khedive in 1906, at the same time as his father and brothers Olav and Lars jr. Died July 2, 1967.

10: Frikka Kalmanda Lillejord: Born August 7, 1892 in Beiarn, Norway. Died March 3, 1893.

11: Matilde Louise Lillejord: Born July 27, 1895. Married John Soloy in 1912 and lived ten or twelve miles south west of Bengough. They had two children. Matilde died of the Spanish flu in October 1918 and is buried in the Lutheran cemetary, six miles south of Bengough.

Her husband John was depressed at the loss of his wife. He took the children to Norway and left them in the care of his sister. The daughter Mildred remained in Norway. John  married again and came back to Canada.