We have earlier stated that Hans Petter was born in 1810. The source is the official history book of Rana (where he was born); however, we didn’t know the exact date. The Family Report on this site states that he was born on March 24, 1811. According to the census of 1865 he then was 56 years old, and on the passenger list of the Atlantic voyage in 1866 it also states that he was 56 years. When he remarried in 1855 he is said to be a 45-year-old man. We have no information of his confirmation, and the age of the wedding couple is missing in the church book registration of his first marriage in 1834.

From recent research we can conclude: there is no source of Hans Petter’s birth. The only available information is the date of his baptism, November 20, 1811. The custom was to bring the babies to baptism as soon as possible after the birth. It depended on circumstances like distance to the church, season of the year and the baby’s health. Weak babies used to be baptized immediately at home, and the church visit might be postponed.

We have no reason to believe that Hans Petter was a weak baby. Even if the distance to the church was 40 miles walking distance, we can’t see any circumstances indicating that he was more than 2 or 3 months at baptism. If he was born earlier than May 2011, there would be no reason to postpone the church visit until late autumn. The summer and early autumn was definitely the best time for making a trip like that.

It seems that Hans Petter was born in August or September 1811. We don’t know for sure, but the circumstantial evidences are strong.

However, we know for sure that we are going to celebrate him this summer!