The extended Organization Committee. From left: Frigg Ottar Os (secretary & Mayor of Beiarn), Geir Heggmo (co-ordinator), Inge Strand (head), Linda Utheim (reunion program), Thore K. Steen (economy, sign-up), Ellinor Mikalsen (dining), behind the camera: André Kristoffersen (accomodation). Not present: Elin Johannessen (info). Associate members (not present): Terje D. Nilsen (Beiarn History Society), Einar Skomsvoll (minister of the church).

After a nice vacation the committee has met and made the necessary preparations in order to handle the registration forms for the family reunion on behalf of the descendants of Hans Lillejord and wives, Maalfrid Sakariasdatter and Margrethe Nilsdatter.

The committee has noticed that the Lillejord Reunion will gather many Lillejord descendents, domestic as well as relatives from the US and Canada. As previously mentioned, we have limited space, and will therefore use the principle of “first come, first served”, so it is important to send us your registration as fast possible. We reserve the right to close the registration when we are fully booked. We will also balance the number of descendants from Canada, Norway and U.S.A. However, we hope to be able to welcome all relatives who wish to come to Beiarn next summer.

A lot of people will use much money and much time to come to Norway and Beiarn to meet family and see the place where Hans Olsen Lillejord and his wives came from. The committee finds that the great effort from all these people demands a decent reunion arrangement.

Therefore, the reunion will go on for two days. It starts on Saturday, June 26, 2010 by noon and lasts through all the day to late night. We will serve you two meals, there will be exhibitions and presentations of the Beiarn valley and the homestead of Hans and Margrete, and the unveiling of the memorial stone will be a special event; commemorating the emigrants from the Beiarn Valley to the New World in the West. We want to share our history and culture with you, and we want to entertain you with music and other local entertainment, but we also invite our guests to take part in the program. Tell us if you have some contribution of any kind!

The Saturday Program will start formally, but it will be more informal as the day goes on. You will have rich opportunities to get acquainted with cousins of all kinds, and we hope you all will enjoy the day.

On Sunday there will be a service at our church with both Norwegian and American pastors, and there will be some church coffee after the service. The rest of the day will be open for individual wishes, like seeing people, round trips in the valley, caving, hiking, fishing and what ever you would like to do. We will ask you about your interests in good time before your arrival.

Almost everything is expensive in Norway, but we are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible by using mostly voluntary workers, so the fee is for food and venue rental. We have calculated the cost to NOK 500, approx. USD/CAD 80-100. We will make it possible for you to pay with credit cards, which makes it easier for the overseas participants. However, we need to include a NOK 50 fee to cover the transfer costs.

The participants are registered when we have received the registration form and the reunion fee has been collected. The Registration Form is ready to be filled in.

We are trying to make the registration as easy as possible and can mention a few points:

  • The registration form can be downloaded on the Internet in Word format and when completed, sent by e-mail to lillejordtreffet@online.no. You may also print the form and mail it to: Thore Steen, N-8110 Moldjord, Norway.
  • You may register several people on the same form, however, one needs to be the main contact person, while the others on the form relate to this person. Children less than 12 years are free, so please specify age on the form.
  • We need information about accommodation, please indicate this on the form.
  • If you are handling your own accommodation, please indicate this in the box marked “own accommodation”.
  • Add up the registration fee for all persons and transfer the money by credit card or to our bank account number, using the contact person’s name. When we have received the money, we will complete the registration.
  • If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail, or use the message box below.
  • When the registration has been completed, we will send you a form asking if you have special needs, (such as diabetes, gluten allergy, etc.) or, wish special arrangements during your stay. Please also let us know if you wish to contribute with anything to the reunion, such as entertainment, greeting, etc. Our wish is to be able to use all good talents during this festive occasion.
  • This registration is for Saturday only. On Sunday there is no registration to the Church service and coffee afterwards.
  • The registration deadline is January 31, 2010, and remember; “First Come, First Served”.