My grandmother Margrete b: 1872, daughter of Dortea and granddaughter of Hans Petter Lillejord died the same year as I was born, in 1948. Accordingly, I never met her.

She had some old photos. Most of them have no identification, only the name of the photographer, like Carlson, Wheaton Minn. and H.J. Chalmers, Madison Minn. Only one of them has a name. It says in ‘american handwriting’: Dette er Marit Sundquist og hendes Datter og Datter Datter. (This is Marit Sundquist and her daughter and granddaughter.)

The first time I saw it, the name didn’t tell me anything. During the prosess of the reunion I’ve become aware of the name. She is of course Margrete’s aunt in Minnesota, the one we just have asked for more information about. We don’t get so much knowledge from the picture, but it has given Marit a face, and it proves that her year of death in the Descendent Report, 1889, must be wrong. The lady on the picture is definitely more than 46! We don’t know the names of the daughter and granddaughter.


Two of the other nameless photos became known as we may recognize the persons from photos of Margrete Lillejord and her two youngest daughters, recieved from Jim Tate. Dont you agree?

Margete melia&martine

Margrete Nilsdatter Lillejord and her daughters Olea Melia and Martine.

The other photos remain unknown. We publish them and hope that there are someone who may have some information about the persons on the photos. Please give us your tips, guesswork and suggestions – as well as your facts about the photos. Thank you!