When we started this blog, we had to admit our lacking knowledge about the Lillejord family from the day in 1866 when they left the city of Bodø in Norway on board the ship Norden, and until we can trace them in the Minnesota Census of 1875. We asked for help to bring more of their history to our knowledge. And we have received many answeres and a lot of information from learned and enthusiastic members of the family in the US. Some of the information is already published on the site as comments, but we have now revised the article ‘Olsen becomes Lillejord. The Pioneer period in Minnesota’ with all new information.

Special thanks to Mervyn & Phyllis Nelson who have provided us with Margrete’s narratives, written down by her grandson Martin Steidl.

There is still much we don’t know. So if somebody out there can complete the history of the Lillejord Family in any ways, please let us know.