Lars Stabel Lillejord og Maren Olsdatter. They came to USA in 1904, but continued to Canada in 1906. All their 9 living children followed them and settled in southern Saskatchevan. (Photo from Myrtle Lillejord)

july 2009 048


Maren died in 1920 and Lars Stabel in 1927. They are buried at Khedive Cemetary. The photos are from summer 2009, taken when Terry and Randy Bell were maintaining the graves.

Lars Kristian

Terry Bell has told the following story:

– One of Lars and Maren’s sons, Lars Kristian, was to be married  to Emma Jacques. For a wedding gift Lars Stabel had given his son, Lars a 1000.00 dollars, a lot of money for that time. Shortly before the wedding a fire broke out in his house. Lars safely got out from the fire, but having realized he had left his money in the house, Lars ran back into the blazing fire. He was able to retreive the money, but he had not safely got out of the fire this time. Lars had injuries as a result of the fire and developed pneumonia due to the smoke he had inhaled. He died a few days later, leaving behind his beloved Emma. The photo shows his gravestone. (All potos from the cemetary: Terry Bell)

Hans-Hannah Lillejord

Hans Petter Lillejord, Lars and Maren’s son married Hannah Hals in 1908. (Photo from Brenda Kotylak)


Hans Petter and Hannah’s family. Back row: Melvin, Carl, Albert, Ben, Leonard, Hans Jr.
Front row: Helen, Hannah, Hans Sr. Mabel. Missing: Helmer and Marie. (Photo from Brenda Kotylak, information from Mable Shain)


Hans and Hannah’s farm in Saskatchevan. (Photo from Brenda Kotylak)

Olavs marriage

Olav Pareli, the son of Lars and Maren, married Mabel Olson abt. 1913. The people on the picture are from the left: Carey Olson, Hattie Olson (Mabel’s sisters), Mabel and Olav, Lars Kristian and Chris Lillejord (Olav’s brothers). Hattie and Chris became later a couple and was married in 1919. (Photo and information from Terry Bell)

Mabel Gus Melvin

Mabel with her two sons Gus (b: 1914) and Melvin (b: 1919)


Mabel and Olav’s son, Alfred, married Annetta Nyhus in 1949. They had 5 children, among them Terry Bell who sent us the photo.


Alfred and Annetta’s daughter Terry and husband Randy Bell


Kristian “Chris” Dreier and his wife Dagny b: Olson (left) took over the farm after his father in 1913 and ran it to 1958. Then his son Kenneth and wife Myrtle b:  Mosling took over, and in 1983 Lars and Maren’s great grandson Wayne became the owner. He and his wife Donna are still runing the farm, or The Lillejord Ranch, which is the official name by now.

Lillejord farm

The Lillejord Ranch in May 2009 (Photo from Terry Bell)

Johan-Soloy-family 002

Mathilde Lillejord & Johan Soløy with the children Ludvig (on the lap) and Mildred. Grandmother Maren is together with them. (Photo from Brenda Kolylak)

Johan-Matilda-Mildred-on Farm

Johan Soløy also came from Beiarn. He emigrated in 1911 and came to Wheaton Minn. May be they knew each other while living in Norway? Here the young couple and baby Mildred are driving the buck board wagon in 1914. Photo from Brenda Kotylak