Lars Stabel, one of Hans Petter Lillejord’s sons, was 15 years when his father and stepmother left Lillejord in 1866. He was meant to follow the family to America, but, according to local tradition, he changed his mind and stayed with his sister Hanna Pauline (see: Those who stayed) when the rest of the family started the Atlantic voyage.

He grew up in Beiarn, married Maren Olsdatter and they had 11 children. 9 of them grew up and one by one, they emigrated to America to start their career in the U.S. with uncles and aunts in Dakota and Minnesota. Finally, in 1906, Lars and Maren decided to follow their children to America. After two years in South Dakota they moved to Canada where they got a homestead near Khedive in southern Saskatchewan. Later, most of their children moved to the same area. Most Lillejords in Canada are descendents of Maren and Lars.


Maren and Lars Stabel Lillejord (photos: Myrle Lillejord)


In 2006 the family celebrated the Lillejord Ranch 100 year’s anniversary. Lars and Maren’s great grandson, Wayne and his wife Donna, are now running the ranch.