We have received two CDs with interesting information about the Lillejord family from the nice Wisconsin lady. For instance, there is some information about the first years of the Lillejords in the U.S., refering to History of the Minnesota Valley, and there is a 21 page list of descedents of Hans Petter Olsen Lillejord.

We will come back to this later.

To day we will publish a photo of one of Hans and Margrete’s grown up boys and his family. Nels Heitman Lillejord was born at Lillejord in 1859 and he was 7 years old when the family went to America. He married Birgit Sorteberg, the daughter of a Norwegian immigrant, and they had 5 children. He became engaged in the mercantile business in Bellingham, Lac Qui Parle Co., MN, where he ran a book store, a lumber yard, a dairy, two stores and was an auctioneer.

The photo has brought us in contact with Nels’ granddaughter, Leonore Brightbill, her son Scott and her nephew Rob Raugland, who has given us valuable information about the persons on the photo.


Nels’ great grandson, Rob Raugland, writes about the photo:  ‘I would guess the year is about 1915 as Lenore was born in 1900 and Martin (my grandfather) was born in 1895.  The front row is …  Lenore, Birgit, Arthur, and Nels.  The back row from left to right is Hans, then Gertrude, and then Martin.  Nels died in 1933, Birgit died in 1945, Gertrude died in 1948 and Hans died in 1953.  Aunt Lenore, Uncle Art and my grandfather I knew all very well as they all lived into the 1980’s.  As I told you, I still use the desk that belonged to Nels.  I have periodic contact with Hans’ 2 sons…Hans JR and Nels, also with Art’s son John and Lenore’s daughter Margo.  My mothers sister Lenore that you spoke to was named for Aunt Lenore (1900-1986)’