Since the blog opened on January 21 we have had in excess of 1000 hits. So, somebody out there is reading the information about the Reunion on June 26 and 27, 2010 – and the stories about Hans Petter & Margrete Lillejord and their family. May be some of you know a bit more about Norway, and Beiarn in particular?

We have received some e-mails from relatives and other interested persons with questions and some information about the life of the Lillejords over there. We thank you all for your support and generosity. May be we can together reconstruct the Lillejord history until the Reunion.

The greatest contribution so far has come from a nice lady in Wisconsin. She writes:

“My database contains a 21-page list of the descendants of Hans Petter Olsen Lillejord, and about 86 pages of text on the history of that family, plus several hundred more pages of Hans’s ancestors and siblings.  All of this was condensed to about 200 pages of text and photos in my family history books.  I can also send disk of photos on the Lillejords, Orfields, Bjeldanes, etc., all descendants of Ole Pedersen”.

Our lady is a modest woman and says that she has ‘merely compiled what generations before me have gathered’.

We are overwhelmed and extremely thankful for sharing your collection with us, the Lillejords. Thank you!

As you might have noticed, rather few people have taken the opportunity to comment the blog or exchange information. We are looking for stories that might have been gathered and re-told about the lives of Hans and his family and descedants after they arrived in the U.S. or Canada. No information is too trivial; a story from the past, a photo, a name of family members or homesteads or other facts are welcome. Please share it with us. We look forward to hearing from you.