In order to get to Beiarn, you first need to get yourself to Norway. (someone) are flying (so many) flights to Gardermoen outside Oslo. In order to get to Beiarn, you can book a 1.5 h flight from Oslo to Bodoe with either SAS or Norwegian. If you wish to spend more time on the travel itself, we can recommend travelling by train. The NSB Region Train to Trondheim stops at Gardermoen, and from Trondheim, you get another train for Bodoe. The scenery is so stunning that you should consider getting yourself a hotel room in Trondheim, so that you can travel by day trains on both streches.

We will arrange the travel from Bodø to Beiarn, a 1.5 hour trip by car or bus.

US or Canadian citizens will not need a visa to enter Norway.